6 Best Beer and Pizza Pairings

22/12/2021 Off By Tanya Ptyshkina

This power couple dates back hundreds of years (probably) and humans have only been improving it ever since. As craft beer becomes more complex and there are new beer styles, we can pair them to the different types of pizza using science (kinda). There are many different palates in our world and those palates have various opinions; this beer and pizza pairing guide is simply a compilation of research and personal experience. This pairing tool can be used as a beginner’s guide, something to use as a reference. If you prefer your anchovy pizza with an IPA and not a Brown Ale, hey that’s your call!


Cheese Pizza:
Light or Wheat Ales: this pizza is the OG of pizzas, even when it’s bad it’s still pretty good. This is exactly why a crisp, lighter brew is the perfect marriage. The hops in the beer perfectly cut through the fats in the cheese without competing for flavour, leaving a perfectly balanced experience.

Pepperoni Pizza:
Pale Ale: If cheese pizza is the humble appetizer, pepperoni is the main course! This pizza has more than earned its place in being the most ordered topping for pizzas in America. The beer that most perfectly stands up to this ‘za is a Pale Ale. The malty pale ale flavour brings out the tomato sauce without overshadowing the pepperoni. Both not overwhelming in flavour, yet make up 60% of my fridge at any given time.

Mushroom and Spinach Pizza:
Stouts: The science behind this pairing is solid, pairing the sweetness of the stout with the umami flavour of the mushrooms only brings harmony. The sturdy profile of a stout brew adds depth to the earthy flavour of mushrooms and spinach. This combination definitely brings out the best in each other! If you find your combination is a little more on the sweeter side, try adding in onions or sausage for complete balance.

Hawaiian Pizza:
Fruity Beers: This pizza combines tart pineapple with smoky Canadian bacon, a combo like this only makes sense to be paired with a fruit flavoured beer. The hops in the brew combat the sweetness of the pineapple but the fruit infusion in the beer marries perfectly with the Canadian bacon.

Supreme Pizza:
India Pale Ale (IPA): This brew is known for the powerful punch of hops, and we like it that way! This style is perfect for this heavy hitter pizza, loaded with tons of toppings like sausage, pepperoni, peppers, mushrooms, olives, and onions it’s no wonder it’s called the supreme! The intense bitterness of an IPA combats the saltiness of the meat without masking any of the other topping flavours.

Veggie Pizza:
Lagers: This pizza is typically loaded with bell peppers, olives, onions, and spinach! No matter what veggies you throw on there this pizza’s match is a good ol’ Lager. Being less bitter and typically a lower IBU, allows the diverse flavours of the veggie toppings to shine while also helping cut through the salt in the cheese to make for a refreshing experience.

A rule of thumb that will never fail, is to match your brew of choice with how intense your pizza is. Pizzas with a lot of toppings and flavours will require a beer to level up and hold its own. Either way, whether you’re sitting down after a long Tuesday after work, getting ready to watch the big game, or are out with friends, pizza and beer can never do you wrong. Now you’ll be able to explore your perfect match using this guide to, well…guide you!