About Us

We supply a huge range of products for aquatics, ornamental ponds and angling. We distribute live, frozen and dried foods for fish and reptiles. We supply aquarium equipment, water treatments, tropical and cold water fish, invertebrates, aquatic plants, and many other products.

We specialize in providing rare fish and high quality foods for tropical and cold water fish including Daphina, Bloodworm, Artemia, Glassworm, Tubifex and many others. All of our foods are of the highest quality and we work closely with experienced, trusted suppliers to make sure that we only provide you and your fish with the best supplies, at best prices. All our staff are experienced within the tropical and cold water fish and related foods industry, meaning that we know how to maintain, post and supply you with all of your fish supplies.

If you’re looking for an experienced, trusted supplier for your fish, reptile etc foods need, whether you run a pet shop or you are an individual with a vast amount of fish to take care of, we can supply you with a wide variety of foods today.