Gas Fermentation Anti-Gravity Transfer Pump Kit


Speed up the process of gas fermentation while keeping the taste of the liquid unchanged. A simple new way to carbonate a 5 gal keg of beer in less than an hour!

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                      Working Principle:

1) The pump discharges the unvaporized beer.

2) CO2 and beer convection vaporization.

3) Then return to the barrel through the beer inlet, and continuously circulate to achieve the effect of rapid gasification.

Gas Fermentation Anti-Gravity Transfer Pump Kit
Gas Fermentation Anti-Gravity Transfer Pump Kit

It can be connected to CO2 or a nitrogen bottle.

Please use stainless steel wine barrels with pressure relief valves, do not use for disposable barrels such as plastic.

Before fermentation, beer needs to be refrigerated and stored in a refrigerator at 2-4°C. The too high temperature will cause carbonization failure.

                                 Cleaning Steps:

1) Wash the stainless steel tee joint with a nylon brush

2) Connect the pipeline (without any ball lock),

3) Put the open ends of the three tubes into the barrel with disinfectant.

4) Turn on the pump to circulate.

5) Bend the longest return tube by hand to make the disinfectant pass through the air stone and trachea for disinfection.

6) Take all the pipes out of the barrel and drain the remaining disinfectant.

Gas Fermentation Anti-Gravity Transfer Pump Kit


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