Pen Style Digital PH Meter


This PH meter helps you get your mashes to the perfect PH. It gets you a very accurate reading with its 0.01 PH resolution.

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The calibration process couldn’t be easier to perform, just place the probe in the buffer solution closest to the PH of the sample you’ll be testing and press the button!

Pen Style Digital PH Meter
Pen Style Digital PH Meter

This PH meter also includes ATC (Automatic Temperature Control) so you don’t have to get your sample all the way down to room temperature before you take your reading.

3-point calibration allows this unit to be calibrated at three different standard levels – 4.00, 6.86 or 9.18. These standards are included with the PH meter, and refill packs are also available. Automatic shut off  5 minutes.

Pen Style Digital PH Meter


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